About Us

Bata is one of the largest shoe manufacturing brands around the world.

The Bata Group, a family-owned business is making it possible to provide customers around the world with the best shoes at the best prices, backed by unparalleled service, for over 125 years.

We live the Bata way by improving the life of each community in which we operate. This means supporting our consumers, teams and the community itself, as well as providing opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Our passion is shoes

We love making stand-out footwear our customers can wear to look good and feel good all day long, and always with price tags that impress them too.

Our brands and business

We have a portfolio company with more than 20 brands and labels, such as Bata, North Star, Power, Bubblegummers, Weinbrenner. Bata Company begun its journey in 1894, having presence in 70+ countries, operating 21 manufacturing sites, having 5300 Retail outlets around the world, engaging more than 32,000 employees and selling 150 million pairs annually.

In Bangladesh, Bata started its operation in 1964. Currently, in addition to its 250+ own showrooms, Bata has more than 100+ franchise showrooms spread all around the country. Bata provides the opportunity to take up profit-based franchise dealership showrooms and ensure quality and Bata's international environment at every level.

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Being a bata Franchise is Surprising
You invest, We take care of the rest.


  • 1. Highest Profit sharing Model.
  • 2. Access to vast shoe collections of styles and designs.
  • 3. Showroom Layout Design & Decoration.
  • 3. Free comprehensive training & development activities for store staff .


  • 1. Design & Development of Promotional Items.
  • 2. Constant Marketing Support.
  • 3. Dedicated Marketing Consultant.


  • 1. Implementation & installation of online POS software to monitor the sales precisely.

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